Saturday, 3 December 2011

On Publishing and Fitting in a Life

So two hours ago I uploaded my second book, "The Selkie's Diamonds" to Smashwords. Already it has 19 downloads, and its companion volume "More Than a Game" has 188, plus, two people have linked it in their libraries.  I am stoked. They are free, because I just hope someone gets pleasure from them. I hope to get the third volume, "The Patterner" up next weekend.

This week has been an unsettling one. The best part about it was handing the reins back to my boss, who is back from a trip to the USA. Being in charge, but not really the boss, is not the easiest thing to manage, plus combining doing her job and what I could of mine at the same time. I suppose it is a common enough scenario, but I'm not an Energiser bunny and found the month she was away rather tiring.

Then on Thursday I got a phone call to say that my aunt, who has just had part of her leg amputated, was not at all well. On consulting with my cousin, it appeared she was not as bad as I had been led to believe, but still. My cousin and I are rebulding a relationship after drifting apart over the years. These things become important once you pass the half century mark. Nothing went drastically wrong with our relationship, but I suspect there were some fairly major misconceptions on both sides.

I had just finished the conversation with him when my mother rang to say my father was in hospital.  He has had a bad leg all year, and there was nothing more his GP could do for him.

We decided to go to see my aunt. She lives about 400 kms/250 miles away. We drove up on Friday night, visited her on Saturday morning and drove home again. Richard had to be a work this morning. she was better than we expected ,and it was good to see her in her new settiong, which my cousin has got looking lovely.  I couldn't go to see Dad, becasue he is 1400 kms/850 miles away, and the costs of flights from Invercargill to Auckland are extortionate.

Richard is at a concert now, and the after-party is here. I think I might go to bed.


  1. I have recently read one a few of your books. I am getting ready to read "The Realms", however I cannot find Book 1 - 'The Rule of Nine', where can I locate this book? I have looked in smashwords, B&N and the library.

    1. Hi,

      "The Rule of Nine" is not up on smashwords yet- it is still a work in progress. It is basically the same story as "More Than A Game", but is told from the viewpoint of a different character, so it probably won't matter if you read it later than the other three in the series. I hope to get it uploaded within the next month.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my books. I do hope you enjoy them.


  2. Your books are fantastic! I love them. :) I found myself wishing that I knew the characters because they were so wonderfully written. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Christa,

    Thank you. Your comment has made my day. I'm glad you enjoyed them.